Converting ZIP archives to TAR archives

March 2005 | Fredrik Lundh

Here’s a small snippet that converts a ZIP archive to a matching TAR.GZ archive. I use a variation of this script to create TAR.GZ source archives on Windows (asking distutils to create a TAR archive doesn’t really work on Windows, at least not in 2.4).

Convert ZIP archive to TAR archive on the fly
# File:
# Convert ZIP archive to TAR.GZ archive.
# Written by Fredrik Lundh, March 2005.

# helpers (tweak as necessary)

def getuser():
    # return user name and user id
    return "anonymous", 1000

def getmode(name, data):
    # return mode ("b" or "t") for the given file.
    # you can do this either by inspecting the name, or
    # the actual data (e.g. by looking for non-ascii, non-
    # line-feed data).
    return "t" # assume everything's text, for now

# main

import tarfile
import zipfile

import glob, os, StringIO, sys, time

now = time.time()

user = getuser()

def fixup(infile):

    file, ext = os.path.splitext(infile)

    outfile = file + ".tar.gz"
    dirname = os.path.basename(file)

    print outfile

    zip = zipfile.ZipFile(infile, "r")

    tar =, "w:gz")
    tar.posix = 1

    for name in zip.namelist():

        if name.endswith("/"):

        data =
        if getmode(name, data) == "t":
            data = data.replace("\r\n", "\n")

        tarinfo = tarfile.TarInfo() = name
        tarinfo.size = len(data)
        tarinfo.mtime = now
        tarinfo.uname = tarinfo.gname = user[0]
        tarinfo.uid = tarinfo.gid = user[1]
        tar.addfile(tarinfo, StringIO.StringIO(data))


# convert all ZIP files in the current directory
for file in glob.glob("*.zip"):

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