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The wckCalendar Widget

Fredrik Lundh | September 2007

The wckCalendar module is a simple calendar widget for Tkinter and other WCK-compatible toolkits, based on Python’s standard calendar module.

(the buttons shown in this screenshot are not part of the widget itself)


To use this widget, you need Tkinter and the Widget Construction Kit extension.

The widget itself is available from the effbot.org sandbox:


The widget has been tested with Python 2.5 and WCK 1.1. The current release is mostly unstyled, and doesn’t support keyboard navigation. Contributions are welcome.


Using the widget is easy; just create the widget, and either call getselection to get the selected date when needed, or register a command callback to keep track of changes.

import wckCalendar

root = Tkinter.Tk()

def echo():
    print calendar.getselection()

calendar = wckCalendar.Calendar(root, command=echo)


By default, the widget shows the current month and pre-selects the current day. To change the month, call setdate. To change the selection, call setselection. Both methods take a datetime.date object.