Usenet Troll Checker (TrollKoll)

Note: The data provider has changed their site, so the scraper no longer works properly. I have no time to work on this right now…

Are you a bona fide usenet troll? The trollchecker knows the answer:

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About the Report

Yes, I know. I’ll make a nice HTML version some other day.

The listing contains all newsgroups to which you’ve posted at least five posts during the current year. Posts from the current month are usually not included in the analysis.

The R number is the ratio between replies and posts; if most of your posts are replies, chances are you’re either a troll or a helper. The T number is the ratio between threads and overall posts; if you spend most of your time posting to the same thread, you might be a troll.

The listing is sorted by the number of posts (highest number first).

Want the source? A command-line version of this CGI script can be found here (dead link).


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