An Alternative Python Reference

Fredrik Lundh | January 2006

I’ve been playing with a new light-weight source format (and associated tools) for the official Python library reference (dead link), based on a mix of HTML and PythonDoc-style markup. The main goal is to get rid of the current heavy-weight toolchain, and open up for web-based maintenance of the reference material, without losing the current level of semantic information.

Current building blocks:

  • A new source format, based on JavaDoc/PythonDoc [see “markup“]
  • An information model for the Python reference that provides unique names for all documentation targets [see “targets“]
  • A collection of simple tools and components to process, validate, and analyze reference documentation.

Dynamic tools, inspired by the AltPyDotOrgCMS work, are also in the pipeline.


Using PythonDoc-style Markup for the Library Reference
Sample Output
Sections (in progress)

Selected articles:

Valid HTML Output (dead link)
Checking For Non-Existent Targets (dead link)
Simple Linking (dead link)
Auto-Generated Module Indexes (dead link)
Module Count (dead link)

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