We're back after a server migration that caused effbot.org to fall over a bit harder than expected. Expect some glitches.

The effbot.org Subversion Server (svn.effbot.org/public)

Fredrik Lundh | August 2007

The svn.effbot.org/public site contains snapshots of selected software available from effbot.org. This replaces the old effbot.python-hosting.com site, which will go away shortly.

Note that svn.effbot.org/public isn’t a master repository; most software here are so-called “vendor drops” of stuff available from effbot.org/downloads. If you want Windows installers or ZIP archives/tarballs, use the downloads site.

The server provides both “trunk” drops and “tagged” drops. The former point to the latest reasonably stable release (usually betas or better), the latter point to a specific release.

You can get trunk drops here:

The tagged drops are available in this directory:

If you want to use a stable version, it’s probably better to use a tagged drop. These also work well with svn:externals. Just avoid things that has “preview” in the name; they can disappear at any time (really old alphas and betas are also removed at times, but only when the final release has been available for quite some time).