IronPIL (Work In Progress)

August 20, 2004 | Fredrik Lundh

IronPIL implements a subset of PIL, for the IronPython platform. IronPIL is also available for Python on Windows.

The following modules are supported:

  • Image (subset)
    fromstring; new; open; Image: mode, size, convert, copy, crop, fromstring, getbands, getpixel, histogram, load, paste, resize, rotate, save, seek, tell, thumbnail, tostring, transform(AFFINE), transform(EXTENT), transpose, verify
  • ImageColor
    getrgb; getcolor
  • ImageDraw (plus support for antialiasing, wide lines, alpha compositing, and drawing on HDC and HWND surfaces)
    Draw: arc, chord, ellipse, image, line, pieslice, polygon, rectangle, shape, text; Outline: close, curve, line, move; Pen; Brush; Font
  • ImageFont (subset: windows fonts only)
  • ImageWin (subset)
    Dib: draw, expose, paste; HDC; HWND

IronPIL supports L, RGB, and RGBA images, and can read and write BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files.


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