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Overviews (15)

The aggdraw Module [aggdraw-index]
Windows Console Driver [console-index]
ElementTree Overview [element-index]
Selected IronPython Articles [iron-index]
(the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library [librarybook-index]
Python Imaging Library [pil-index]
The PythonDoc Documentation Tool [pythondoc-index]
Selected Python Articles [python-index]
Web Services [rpc-index]
The Sgmlop Parser/Tokenizer [sgmlop-index]
Top-Down Operator Precedence Parsing [tdop-index]
Tkinter, Tkinter 3000, and the Widget Construction Kit [tkinter-index]
Vroom! [vroom-index]
The Widget Construction Kit [wck-index]
Selected XML Articles and Tools [xml-index]

Articles (317)



About the Zone [about]
The Asyncore Module [asyncore]
Building An Asynchronous FTP Client [asyncore-ftp-client]
Asyncore and Generators [asyncore-generators]
An Asynchronous HTTP Client [asyncore-http-client]
Asyncore and Signals [asyncore-signals]


A Simple BitTorrent "bencode" Decoder [bencode]
Ett orealistiskt problem [big-brother-2010]
Books [books]
Tkinter BWidgets Library [bwidgets]


Caching [caching]
Call By Object [call-by-object]
The cElementTree Module [celementtree]
Using Non-Standard Encodings in cElementTree [celementtree-encoding]
Posting to a CGI script [cgi-post]
Cheetah [cheetah]
Cleaning up HTML snippets [cleaning-html]
Closures in Python [closure]
Source Code Repositories [code]
Statistics for comp.lang.python [comp-lang-python]
The Console Module [console-handbook]
The Consumer Interface [consumer]
Gzip Consumer Class [consumer-gzip]
Copyright [copyright]
Creating Palette Images [creating-palette-images]


The Damage/Repair Model [damage-repair]
Default Parameter Values in Python [default-values]
Grabbing posts with Python [delicious-json]
Grabbing posts with Python and RSS [delicious-rss]
Django [django]
Some Notes on a Simple Django Application [django-announcement-blog]
Including Element Trees in Django Templates [django-element]
A Cache Status View for Django [django-memcached-view]
Serving Multiple Hosts from a Single Django Instance [django-multihost]
The Django PageView Application [django-pageview]
Using PIL with Django [django-pil]
Simple Django-like Templating [django-simple-template]
DrawBot [drawbot]
The DrawBot Graphics API [drawbot-graphics]
Drawing Interface for the Tkinter Canvas [draw-tkinter-canvas]


Editing Canvas Text Items [editing-canvas-text-items]
The EffNews Project: Building an RSS Newsreader [effnews]
EffNews Part 1: Fetching RSS Files [effnews-1]
EffNews Part 2: Fetching and Parsing RSS Data [effnews-2]
EffNews Part 3: Displaying RSS Data [effnews-3]
EffNews Part 4: Parsing More RSS Files [effnews-4]
In Progress: EffNews Part 5: Odds and Ends [effnews-5]
In Progress: EffNews Part 6: Using the ElementTree Module to Parse RSS Files [effnews-6]
EffNews Addendas, Frequently Asked Questions, and Other Assorted Notes [effnews-notes]
Elements and Element Trees [element]
ElementTree: Bits and Pieces [element-bits-and-pieces]
An ElementTree Builder [element-builder]
Incremental Parsing Using the Consumer API [element-consumer]
Elements and DTD:s [element-dtd]
Using the ElementTree Module to Generate Google Requests [element-google]
Element Tree Infosets [element-infoset]
XML Infosets [element-infoset-dom]
The ElementTree iterparse Function [element-iterparse]
Element Library Functions [element-lib]
ElementTree: Working with Namespaces and Qualified Names [element-namespaces]
Reading processing instructions and comments with ElementTree [element-pi]
Using ElementTrees for Pull-Style Parsing [element-pull]
ElementTree: Working with Qualified Names [element-qnames]
Using Element Trees to Parse RSS Files [element-rss]
Parsing RSS Files with ElementTree [element-rss-wrapper]
The ElementRXP module [element-rxp]
Using the ElementTree Module to Generate SOAP Messages [element-soap]
Using the ElementTree Module to Generate SOAP Messages, Part 1: Talking to a Stock Quote Server [elementsoap-1]
Using the ElementTree Module to Generate SOAP Messages, Part 2: Talking to Google [elementsoap-2]
Using the ElementTree Module to Generate SOAP Messages, Part 3: Dealing with Qualified Names [elementsoap-3]
Using the ElementTree Module to Generate SOAP Messages, Part 4: Automatically Decoding Responses [elementsoap-4]
Using the ElementTree Module to Generate SOAP Messages, Part 5: Parsing WSDL Descriptions [elementsoap-5]
Sorting XML Records with ElementTree [element-sort]
The ElementSoup Module [element-soup]
A Simple Technorati Client [element-technorati]
ElementTree Tidy HTML Tree Builder [element-tidylib]
Generating Tkinter User Interfaces from XML [element-tkinter]
The ElementTree Module [elementtree]
Introducing ElementTree 1.3 [elementtree-13-intro]
Changes in ElementTree 1.3 (preliminary) [elementtree-changes-13]
Using Element Trees to Parse WSDL Files [element-wsdl]
Using Element Trees to Parse XBEL Files [element-xbel]
XInclude support in ElementTree 1.2 [element-xinclude]
Using ElementTrees to Generate XML-RPC Messages [element-xmlrpc]
XPath Support in ElementTree [element-xpath]
The Envelope Type (In Progress) [envelope]
The ExeMaker Tool [exemaker]


The 2003 Frank Willison Award [frank-willison-award]


GDI+ [gdiplus]
Generating RFC 822-style Date Strings [generating-rfc822-dates]
A Stupid Google Suggest Hack [google-suggest]


A Simple XML-Over-HTTP Class [http-xml]
You Can Never Have Too Many Stock Tickers! [http-xml-stockticker]


Idea: Replacing the Exceptions Module [idea-exceptions]
Idea: For From [idea-for-from]
Idea: Adding a Money Base Type [idea-money-type]
Idea In Progress: Dynamic Creation of Type Descriptors [idea-register-type]
The SeeAlso Markup Language [idea-seealso]
Idea: Static Expressions [idea-static]
Idea: Switch Statement [idea-switch]
Idea: Adding a Time Base Type [idea-time-type]
Idea: A Unified String Type [idea-unified-string-type]
Idea: XML Literals For Python [idea-xml-literal]
An Optimization Anecdote [image-histogram-optimization]
Importing Python Modules [import-confusion]
Some Notes on Importing Modules by Name [import-string]
Information Sets [infoset]
IronPIL (Work In Progress) [ironpil]
IronPython [ironpython]
IronWCK [ironwck]


Kid [kid]


Evaluating Python expressions [librarybook-core-eval]
The Python Standard Library [librarybook-ora]
(the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library [librarybook-order]
The Standard Python Library: New Modules in Python 2.1 [librarybook-py21]
The Standard Python Library: New Modules in Python 2.2 [librarybook-py22]
The Standard Python Library: New Modules in Python 2.3 [librarybook-py23]
The Standard Python Library: New Modules in Python 2.4 [librarybook-py24]
The Standard Python Library: New Modules in Python 2.5 [librarybook-py25]
The Standard Python Library: New Modules in Python 2.6 [librarybook-py26]
The listmodules CGI Script [listmodules-cgi]


Using Metaclasses to Create Self-Registering Plugins [metaclass-plugins]
Metakit [metakit]
Model, View, Controller [model-view-controller]


Networks [networks]


OpenID [openid]


Google for PHP. Or, why I moved to another server. [php]
Changes in Python Imaging Library 1.1.1 [pil-changes-111]
Changes in Python Imaging Library 1.1.2 [pil-changes-112]
Changes in Python Imaging Library 1.1.3 [pil-changes-113]
Changes in Python Imaging Library 1.1.4 [pil-changes-114]
Changes in Python Imaging Library 1.1.5 [pil-changes-115]
Changes in Python Imaging Library 1.1.6 [pil-changes-116]
Comparing Two Images [pil-comparing-images]
"decoder jpeg not available" [pil-decoder-jpeg-not-available]
Drawing WCK Graphics in a PIL Image Memory [pil-draw-wck]
Errata for Python Imaging Library 1.1.4 [pil-errata-114]
Extending PIL [pil-extending]
Histogram Equalization [pil-histogram-equalization]
Getting HSL Values [pil-hsl]
Getting the Size of an Image on a Web Page [pil-image-size]
"The _imaging C module is not installed" [pil-imaging-not-installed]
Using PIL On Large Images [pil-large-images]
Convert Between Numerical Arrays and PIL Image Objects [pil-numpy]
Pixel Access Objects [pil-pixel-access]
Adding a pseudocolor palette to a PIL Image object [pil-pseudocolor]
Notes on Using PIL With PythonWin [pil-pythonwin]
Sepia Toning with PIL [pil-sepia]
Speeding up Initialization [pil-speeding-up-initialization]
OMG Ponies! In Python! In Colour! [ponies]
The Subversion Server ( [public-svn]
An Alternative Python.Org Content Management System [pydotorg]
Step 1: Using Django as Front-End Cache [pydotorg-cache]
An Alternative Python FAQ [pyfaq]
The PyFAQ Process [pyfaq-process]
An Alternative Python Reference [pyref]
An Alternative Python Reference: Markup [pyref-markup]
An Alternative Python Reference: Sections [pyref-sections]
An Alternative Python Reference: Style [pyref-style]
An Alternative Python Reference: Targets [pyref-targets]
Pyrex [pyrex]
Bits and Pieces of Python [python-bits-and-pieces]
Python's C API: Working with Sequences [python-capi-sequences]
A Python Code Generator [python-code-generator]
Compiling Python Code [python-compile]
PythonDoc [pythondoc]
PythonDoc Example: The Image Module [pythondoc-compact]
The PythonDoc Infoset (In Progress) [pythondoc-infoset]
An Alternative Python Reference: Using PythonDoc-style Markup for the Library Reference [pythondoc-lib]
Generating PythonDoc Pages for Virtual Modules [pythondoc-merge]
Writing PythonDoc Plugins [pythondoc-plugins]
Getting Information About a File [python-fileinfo]
Understanding Python's "for" statement [python-for-statement]
Adding GC Support to an Existing Python Type [python-gc]
The Python getattr Function [python-getattr]
Python Hash Algorithms [python-hash]
An Introduction to Python Lists [python-list]
Python Objects [python-objects]
Adding Python Information to the Windows Registry [python-register]
Searching and Replacing [python-replace]
The urllib.RequestBody Class [python-urllib-requestbody]
Understanding Python's "with" statement [python-with-statement]
Pytte [pytte]
Combining Pyrex and the Pytte Runtime (Work In Progress) [pytte-pyrex]
PyZone Archive Files [pyzone-archive]


Reading Text Files [readline-performance]
Common Log Format [re-common-log-format]
re.findall Patterns [re-findall]
The Regular Expression Engine is not a Parser [re-parse]
REST vs XML-RPC vs SOAP [rest-vs-rpc]
re.sub Patterns [re-sub]
RSS Feeds [rss]


A Safe Read Function [safe-read]
Sandbox: The MiniWCK Library (In Progress) [sandbox-miniwck]
Sandbox: SourceForge Tools (In Progress) [sandbox-sourceforge]
Search [search]
Generating SeeAlso Indexes for the Python Library Reference [seealso-python-library]
The Sgmlop Module Handbook [sgmlop-handbook]
Sgmlop Patterns [sgmlop-patterns]
Simple Deque Class [simple-deque]
A Simple Image Viewer [simple-image-viewer]
Simple Iterator-based Parsing [simple-iterator-parser]
Simple Observer [simple-observer]
Simple Queue Class [simple-queue]
Simple Stack [simple-stack]
Simple Top-Down Parsing in Python [simple-top-down-parsing]
Smithy Code [smithy-code]
Sockets [socket-intro]
Sockets: Using Mail [socket-intro-mail]
Sockets: Usenet Support [socket-intro-nntp]
Want to sponsor [sponsor]
SQLite [sqlite]
Storing BLOB Data in SQLITE [sqlite-blob]
Squeeze [squeeze]
Server Status [status]
The stringlib Library [stringlib]
Stupid Python Tricks: The KeyboardInterrupt Exception [stupid-exceptions-keyboardinterrupt]
Subversion [subversion] [support]
Publishing SVN Backups as Trac Attachments [svn-trac-hotcopy]
SyntaxWarning: name 'spam' is assigned to before global declaration [syntaxwarning-name-assigned-to-before-global-declaration]


More Top-Down Parsing: JSON [tdop-json]
Extracting plain text from HTML [textify]
Thread Synchronization Mechanisms in Python [thread-synchronization]
The tkController Module [tkcontroller]
Tkinter 3000 Clock Widget [tkinter3000-demo-clock]
The Tkinter 3000 RightArrow Widget [tkinter3000-demo-rightarrow]
The Tkinter 3000 SimplePlot Widget [tkinter3000-demo-simpleplot]
Tkinter 3000 SimpleRightArrow Widget [tkinter3000-demo-simplerightarrow]
Adding Custom C/C++ Drawing Code to Tkinter [tkinter3000-embed]
In Progress: Tkinter 3000 Form Library [tkinter3000-formlib]
Design Notes for the new Tkinter C Interface [tkinter3000-glue]
The Widget Construction Kit [tkinter3000-wck]
The Tkinter 3000 WCK Drawing Interface [tkinter3000-wck-draw]
Tkinter 3000 Windows Widgets for Tkinter [tkinter3000-wintk]
Drawing Anti-Aliased Graphics Under Tkinter/Windows [tkinter-aggdraw]
A Simple Animation Engine [tkinter-animation]
Autohiding Scrollbars [tkinter-autoscrollbar]
Displaying a Busy Cursor [tkinter-busy]
Tkinter Callbacks [tkinter-callbacks]
Tracking Mouse Actions for Many Canvas Objects [tkinter-canvas-find-withtag]
Tkinter Tricks: Using Complex Numbers to Rotate Canvas Items [tkinter-complex-canvas]
Tkinter Tricks: Using WCK-Style Controllers in Tkinter [tkinter-controller]
A Directory Chooser for Tkinter [tkinter-directory-chooser]
Tkinter Editor Bindings [tkinter-editor-bindings]
Adding File Completion to the Entry Widget [tkinter-entry-completion]
A Validating Entry Widget [tkinter-entry-validate]
Using generators to sleep without blocking [tkinter-generator-polyline]
Tkinter Geometry Managers [tkinter-geometry]
Tkinter Tricks: Using ImageWin to Display Images on Windows [tkinter-imagewin]
Some Tkinter Links [tkinter-links]
Creating Tkinter Menubars [tkinter-menubar]
Changing the Default Font via the Option Database [tkinter-option-database]
Notes on Tkinter Performance [tkinter-performance]
Creating a Grayscale Ramp in Tkinter [tkinter-photoimage-grayscale-ramp]
Plotting Stuff Using PIL and Tkinter [tkinter-plot]
Tkinter Popup Menus [tkinter-popup-menu]
Tkinter Scrollbar Patterns [tkinter-scrollbar-patterns]
Adding bind_insert, bind_delete methods to the Text widget [tkinter-text-bind-insert-delete]
Tkinter Text Widget Hyperlink Manager [tkinter-text-hyperlink]
Find Visible Region in a Text Widget [tkinter-text-visible]
Tkinter and Threads [tkinter-threads]
Making a Toplevel Cover the Full Screen [tkinter-toplevel-fullscreen]
Tkinter: Catching Window Deletion [tkinter-window-destroy]
Catching the Expose Event [tkinter-window-expose]
Track Window Size Changes [tkinter-window-size]
The tkList Widget Wrapper [tklist]
Usenet Troll Checker (TrollKoll) [trollchecker]


Converting Unicode Strings to 8-bit Strings [unicode-convert]
Mapping Windows CP1252 Gremlins to Unicode [unicode-gremlins]
Using Unicode characters in HTML [unicode-in-html]
Python Unicode Objects [unicode-objects]


Vroom! - A Simple DarkRoom/WriteRoom Remake in Tkinter [vroom]


Wave Hello [wave]
The Widget Construction Kit [wck]
Your First Widget (Writing Widgets in Python, Part 1) [wck-1]
Creating a Button Widget (Writing Widgets in Python, Part 2) [wck-2]
The Drawing Interface (Writing Widgets in Python, Part 3) [wck-3]
Displaying Large Amounts of Data (Writing Widgets in Python, Part 4) [wck-4]
In Progress: Displaying Formatted Text (Writing Widgets in Python, Part 5) [wck-5]
In Progress: Writing Widgets in Python, Part 6: Building a Drawing Tool [wck-6]
An AggDraw-based WCK View [wck-aggview]
The WCK Module [wck-api]
The WCK DrawBot Widget [wck-drawbot]
The WCK Gauge Widget [wck-gauge]
The WCK Graph Package [wckgraph]
The wckgraph Module [wckgraph-api]
The WCK HexView Widget [wck-hexview]
The WCK ImageView Widget [wck-imageview]
The wckCalendar Widget [wcklib-calendar]
The wckToolTips Module [wcklib-tooltips]
In Progress: Tkinter 3000 WCK MiniViews [wck-miniview]
The WCK PixelCanvas Widget [wck-pixelcanvas]
The WCK ProgressBar Widget [wck-progressbar]
The BlockView Widget [wck-simpleblockview]
Implementing A Simple Text Display Widget [wck-simpletext]
The WCK TextEdit Widget [wck-textedit]
Using Event Trackers to Simplify Tool Implementation [wck-trackers]
Webdriver Torso [webdriver-torso]
Using the websucker Tool [websucker]
Some Notes on Tim Bray's Wide Finder Benchmark [wide-finder]
This Is Not A Wiki [wiki]
WCK for Windows [winwck-notes]


Implementing Pull-Style XML Parsers [xml-pull]
XML-RPC and the ASCII limitation [xmlrpc-ascii]
Providing XML-RPC Services via CGI [xmlrpc-cgi]
Unofficial XML-RPC Errata [xmlrpc-errata]
XML-RPC vs. SOAP [xmlrpc-vs-soap]
Using Regular Expressions for Lexical Analysis [xml-scanner]
XML vs. HTML [xml-vs-html]
SimpleXMLWriter [xml-writer]


['term', 'extraction'] [yahoo-term-extraction]
A Simple YENC Decoder Module [yenc-decoder]


Converting ZIP archives to TAR archives [zip2tar]
Some Notes on Moving the Zone to Django [zone-django-notes]
The Zone Intermediate Format [zone-intermediate]
The Zone Source Formats [zone-source]

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