The 2003 Frank Willison Award

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The 2003 Frank Willison Award for Contributions to the Python Community, selected by the PythonLabs group at Zope Corporation, was presented to Fredrik Lundh for his many contributions not only in the form of code, but also in communicating and educating the Python community. He is also the creator and maintainer of the Daily Python-URL (dead link)

Thanks, everyone!

I’ll probably add more comments to this page some day. While you’re waiting for me to make some sense, check out this article (dead link) by Jarno Virtanen.


I’m not doing the Daily Python-URL on my own anymore; lots of work have been done by Håkan Karlsson and Hamish Lawson, and many others have contributed links over the years. These days, Hamish does most of the work, and the URL wouldn’t be what it is if he didn’t. Thanks, Hamish!

As for Python core development, Jarno found a message I sent to python-dev two years ago. Reading that message again, I finally realised why I don’t contribute much to the Python core these days. The development team moved much faster around 1.6/2.0; these days, sourceforge is slowing everything down. Post a patch, and with a little luck, you get feedback within six months. Doesn’t work for me. (I’ll have to write more about this some day).

I really miss Frank.

More Notes


  • Kevin Altis (dead link)
  • Guido van Rossum
  • Luke Tymowski (ZopeNewbies) (dead link)
  • Jarno Virtanen (dead link)

Andrew Kuchling won the award last year:

  • Andrew Kuchling: Notes on the Frank Willison Award (dead link)

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