Drawing Interface for the Tkinter Canvas

September 25, 2004 | Fredrik Lundh

This module implements the basic WCK 2D Drawing Interface for the Tkinter canvas. Note that Canvas objects are persistent; if you need to update the drawing, you have to remove the corresponding objects from the canvas first (you can remove them all by calling canvas.delete(ALL)).

WCK drawing interface for Tkinter
# an implementation of the WCK drawing interface, for
# the Tkinter Canvas widget

import tkFont

class Pen:
    def __init__(self, color, width=1, **options):
        self.color = color
        self.width = width

class Brush:
    def __init__(self, color, **options):
        self.color = color

class Font:
    def __init__(self, color, font):
        self.color = color
        self.font = font
        self.tkfont = None # cache for tkFont objects

class Draw:
    def __init__(self, canvas):
        self.canvas = canvas

    def clear(self):

    def draw(self, method, xy, pen, brush, **options):
        # pens and brushes can be given in any order
        if isinstance(pen, Pen):
            options["outline"] = pen.color
            options["width"] = pen.width
        elif isinstance(brush, Pen):
            options["outline"] = brush.color
            options["width"] = brush.width
            options["outline"] = ""
        if isinstance(brush, Brush):
            options["fill"] = brush.color
        elif isinstance(pen, Brush):
            options["fill"] = pen.color
            options["fill"] = ""
        if pen or brush:
            return method(xy, **options)

    def line(self, xy, pen=None):
        if pen:
            return self.canvas.create_line(
                xy, fill=pen.color, width=pen.width

    def ellipse(self, xy, pen=None, brush=None):
        return self.draw(self.canvas.create_oval, xy, pen, brush)

    def rectangle(self, xy, pen=None, brush=None):
        return self.draw(self.canvas.create_rectangle, xy, pen, brush)

    def polygon(self, xy, pen=None, brush=None):
        return self.draw(self.canvas.create_polygon, xy, pen, brush)

    def text(self, xy, text, font):
        if font:
            return self.canvas.create_text(
                xy, text=text, font=font.font, fill=font.color, anchor="nw"

    def textsize(self, text, font):
        if not font.tkfont:
            font.tkfont = tkFont.Font(self.canvas, font=font.font)
            font.tkfont.height = font.tkfont.metrics("linespace")
        return font.tkfont.measure(text), font.tkfont.height

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