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Style Guide

To do:

  • fix up remaining conversion issues (mainly in “prose” sections)
  • reorganize the overview sections (syntax, data model, execution model, etc)
  • merge syntax and semantics material, where appropriate.
  • add more cross-references/see-also stuff:
    • link between built-in functions and corresponding hooks (e.g. int, __int__)
    • link between type objects and type descriptions
  • add reference pages for core types
  • break up function descriptions (using more than one paragraph is perfectly okay ;-)

Style Issues:

  • make the reference a bit more inviting to non-language-lawyers
    • use “inverted pyramid” style a bit more often (brief summary followed by description followed by minutiae)
    • replace grammar sections with human-readable notation.
    • provide a few examples here and there.
    • use more paragraphs. whitespace isn’t a disease.
    • clean up the vocabulary; no need to use formal words when non-formal words would work
    • use descriptive text when describing what things do, not prescriptive (i.e. use “gets the value” rather than “get the value”)
    • avoid hyperbole (“the possibilities are endless”), odd or overly formal language, and bland examples (“foobar”?). also see the Style section on this page.
  • etc