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Binary arithmetic operations

The binary arithmetic operations have the conventional priority levels. Note that some of these operations also apply to certain non-numeric types. Apart from the power operator, there are only two levels, one for multiplicative operators and one for additive operators:

m_expr ::= [u_expr][1] | [m_expr][2] “*” [u_expr][1] | [m_expr][2] “//” [ u_expr][1] | [ m_expr][2] “/” [u_expr][1] | [ m\_expr][2] "%" [u\_expr][1] a_expr ::= [ m_expr][2] | [ a_expr][3] “+” [m_expr][2] | [a_expr][3] “-” [m_expr][2]

See operator-mul.

See operator-div.

See operator-mod.

See operator-add.

See operator-sub.