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2006-07-06 04:02 - The __metaclass__ attribute

effbot: Hyperbole alert: “The potential uses for metaclasses are boundless”. Just give some real-life examples, and be done with it….

2006-06-29 13:16 - property

effbot: could mention the @property shortcut for readonly attributes here: class C(object): @property def x(self): return value turns the “x” method…

2006-06-29 12:35 - Emulating container types

ianb: UserDict.DictMixin should be noted here, and maybe UserList (though it doesn’t provide a mixin like DictMixin, and UserDict and UserList…

2006-06-09 04:29 - The __eq__ method

effbot: i had to implement this today, this is what the class looks like class Foo(object): def __init__(self, val): self.Value =…

2006-05-04 18:25 - The with statement

effbot: (effbot: fixed markup glitch) Users trying this out should be aware that the latest 2.5 release, 2.5a2, implements a slightly…

2006-05-04 17:51 - The with statement
2006-05-04 05:36 - operator-if
2006-05-03 04:58 - Simple statements
2006-05-03 04:19 - List displays
2006-05-01 17:12 - string-conversions
2006-04-30 04:39 - (unknown)