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Warning about CTL3D32 version from installer

The Python installer issues a warning like this:

This version uses "CTL3D32.DLL" which is not the correct version.
This version is used for Windows NT applications only.

Tim Peters explains:

This is a Microsoft DLL, and a notorious source of problems. The message means what it says: you have the wrong version of this DLL for your operating system. The Python installation did not cause this — something else you installed previous to this overwrote the DLL that came with your OS (probably older shareware of some sort, but there’s no way to tell now). If you search for “CTL3D32” using any search engine (AltaVista, for example), you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of web pages complaining about the same problem with all sorts of installation programs. They’ll point you to ways to get the correct version reinstalled on your system (since Python doesn’t cause this, we can’t fix it).

David A Burton has written a little program to fix this. Go to and click on “”

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