This is an old copy of the Python FAQ. The information here may be outdated.

What is Python Tutor?

This list is for folks who want to ask questions regarding how to learn computer programming with the Python language.

Python ( is a programming language which many feel is a good first language, because it makes it easy to express the fundamental concepts of programming such as data structures and algorithms with a syntax which many find easy to read and write.

Folks interested in learning about programming with Python are encouraged to join, as are folks interested in helping others learn. While the list is called tutor, anyone, whether novice or expert, can answer questions.

If individuals wish to start off-line conversations about a particular concept and become one-on-one tutor/tutee, that’s fine. If either party wants to summarize what they learned for others to benefit, that’s fine too.

There is a searchable interface to archived Tutor messages on Activestate’s web site at

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Tutor Archives at

Using Tutor #

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