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Category: library

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Are there any interfaces to database packages in Python?
Can’t we get rid of the Global Interpreter Lock?
How do I access the serial (RS232) port?
How do I avoid blocking in the connect() method of a socket?
How do I create documentation from doc strings?
How do I delete a file? (And other file questions…)
How do I find a module or application to perform task X?
How do I generate random numbers in Python?
How do I get a single keypress at a time?
How do I make a Python script executable on Unix?
How do I parcel out work among a bunch of worker threads?
How do I program using threads?
How do I read (or write) binary data?
How do I run a subprocess with pipes connected to both input and output?
How do I test a Python program or component?
How do you implement persistent objects in Python?
I can’t seem to use on a pipe created with os.popen(); why?
I tried to open Berkeley DB file, but bsddb produces bsddb.error: (22, ‘Invalid argument’). Help! How can I restore my data?
If my program crashes with a bsddb (or anydbm) database open, it gets corrupted. How come?
Is there a curses/termcap package for Python?
Is there an equivalent to C’s onexit() in Python?
What kinds of global value mutation are thread-safe?
What module should I use to help with generating HTML?
What WWW tools are there for Python?
Where is the (,, etc.) source file?
Why doesn’t closing sys.stdout (stdin, stderr) really close it?
Why don’t my signal handlers work?


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