This is an old copy of the Python FAQ. The information here may be outdated.

Why is Python installed on my machine?

If you find Python installed on your system but don’t remember installing it, there are several possible ways it could have gotten there.

  • Perhaps another user on the computer wanted to learn programming and installed it; you’ll have to figure out who’s been using the machine and might have installed it.

  • A third-party application installed on the machine might have been written in Python and included a Python installation. For a home computer, a common such application is PySol, a solitaire game that includes over 200 different games and variations. Several computer games and other applications also ship with Python interpreters.

  • Some Windows machines also have Python installed. At this writing we’re aware of computers from Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, and Lenovo (IBM) that include Python, and use it for various administrative tools.

  • All Apple computers running Mac OS X have Python installed; it’s included in the base installation.

  • Many Unix systems (especially Linux systems) ship with Python installed.

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