The strop module

(Obsolete) This is a low-level module that provides fast C implementations of most functions in the string module. It is automatically included by string, so there’s seldom any need to access it directly.

However, one reason to use this module is if you need to tweak the path before you start loading Python modules.

Example: Using the strop module
# File:

import strop # built-in module
import sys # built-in module

# assuming we have an executable named ".../executable", add a
# directory named ".../executable-extra" to the path

if strop.lower(sys.executable)[-4:] == ".exe":
    extra = sys.executable[:-4] # windows
    extra = sys.executable

sys.path.insert(0, extra + "-extra")

import mymodule

In Python 2.0 and later, you should use string methods instead of strop. In the above example, replace strop.lower(sys.executable) with sys.executable.lower()


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