The smtplib module

This module provides a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) client implementation. This protocol is used to send mail through Unix mailservers.

To read mail, use the poplib or imaplib modules.

Example: Using the smtplib module
# File:

import smtplib
import string, sys

HOST = "localhost"

FROM = "effbot@spam.egg"
TO = "fredrik@spam.egg"

SUBJECT = "for your information!"

BODY = "next week: how to fling an otter"

body = string.join((
    "From: %s" % FROM,
    "To: %s" % TO,
    "Subject: %s" % SUBJECT,
    BODY), "\r\n")

print body

server = smtplib.SMTP(HOST)
server.sendmail(FROM, [TO], body)

From: effbot@spam.egg
To: fredrik@spam.egg
Subject: for your information!

next week: how to fling an otter

Note that the From and To headers in the message body are ignored by the SMTP layer; they’re (usually) displayed by the receiver’s mail client, but the SMTP layer uses the arguments passed to sendmail to control message routing. Also note that the second argument must be a list or other sequence; you can pass in multiple addresses to send the same message to more than one receiver.


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