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The shelve module

This module uses the database handlers to implement persistent dictionaries. A shelve object uses string keys, but the value can be of any data type, as long as it can be handled by the pickle module.

Example: Using the shelve module
# File: shelve-example-1.py

import shelve

db = shelve.open("database", "c")
db["one"] = 1
db["two"] = 2
db["three"] = 3

db = shelve.open("database", "r")
for key in db.keys():
    print repr(key), repr(db[key])

'one' 1
'three' 3
'two' 2

The following example shows how to use the shelve module with a given database driver.

Example: Using the shelve module with a given database
# File: shelve-example-3.py

import shelve
import gdbm

def gdbm_shelve(filename, flag="c"):
    return shelve.Shelf(gdbm.open(filename, flag))

db = gdbm_shelve("dbfile")