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The nturl2path module

(Implementation). This module contains code to map uniform resource locators (URLs) to Windows filenames, and back.

Example: Using the nturl2path module
# File: nturl2path-example-1.py

import nturl2path

file = r"c:\my\little\pony"

print nturl2path.pathname2url(file)
print nturl2path.url2pathname(nturl2path.pathname2url(file))


This module should not be used directly; for portability, access these functions via the urllib module instead:

Example: Using the nturl2path module via the urllib module
# File: nturl2path-example-2.py

import urllib

file = r"c:\my\little\pony"

print urllib.pathname2url(file)
print urllib.url2pathname(urllib.pathname2url(file))