The mimetypes module

This module contains support for determining the MIME type for a given uniform resource locator. This is based on a built-in table, plus Apache and Netscape configuration files, if they are found.

Example: Using the mimetypes module
# File:

import mimetypes
import glob, urllib

for file in glob.glob("samples/*"):
    url = urllib.pathname2url(file)
    print file, mimetypes.guess_type(url)

samples\ ('audio/basic', None)
samples\sample.ini (None, None)
samples\sample.jpg ('image/jpeg', None)
samples\sample.msg (None, None)
samples\sample.tar ('application/x-tar', None)
samples\sample.tgz ('application/x-tar', 'gzip')
samples\sample.txt ('text/plain', None)
samples\sample.wav ('audio/x-wav', None)
samples\ ('application/zip', None)

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