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The gopherlib module

This module contains a gopher client implementation.

Example: Using the gopherlib module
# File: gopherlib-example-1.py

import gopherlib

host = "gopher.spam.egg"

f = gopherlib.send_selector("1/", host)
for item in gopherlib.get_directory(f):
    print item

['0', "About Spam.Egg's Gopher Server", "0/About's Spam.Egg's
Gopher Server", 'gopher.spam.egg', '70', '+']
['1', 'About Spam.Egg', '1/Spam.Egg', 'gopher.spam.egg', '70', '+']
['1', 'Misc', '1/Misc', 'gopher.spam.egg', '70', '+']