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The errno module

This module defines a number of symbolic error codes, such as ENOENT (“no such directory entry”), EPERM (“permission denied”), and others. It also provides a dictionary mapping from platform dependent numerical error codes to symbolic names.

In most cases, the IOError exception provides a 2-tuple with the numerical error code, and an explanatory string. If you need to distinguish between different error codes, use the symbolic names where possible.

Example: Using the errno module
# File: errno-example-1.py

import errno

    fp = open("no.such.file")
except IOError, (error, message):
    if error == errno.ENOENT:
        print "no such file"
    elif error == errno.EPERM:
        print "permission denied"
        print message

no such file

The following example is a bit contrived, but it shows how to use the errorcode dictionary to map from a numerical error code to the symbolic name.

Example: Using the errorcode dictionary
# File: errno-example-2.py

import errno

    fp = open("no.such.file")
except IOError, (error, message):
    print error, repr(message)
    print errno.errorcode[error]

2 'No such file or directory'