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The Python Imaging Library Handbook

This is the PIL handbook, updated for PIL 1.1.6.

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Module Reference
The Image Module
The ImageDraw Module
Tools Reference

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Python Imaging Library Handbook [pil-index]

Articles (73)


Concepts [concepts]


D. Writing Your Own File Decoder [decoder]


BMP [format-bmp]
BUFR (identify only) [format-bufr]
CUR (read only) [format-cur]
DCX (read only) [format-dcx]
EPS [format-eps]
FITS (identify only) [format-fits]
FLI, FLC (read only) [format-fli]
FPX (read only) [format-fpx]
GBR (read only) [format-gbr]
GD (read only) [format-gd]
GIF [format-gif]
GRIB (identify only) [format-grib]
HDF5 (identify only) [format-hdf5]
ICO (read only) [format-ico]
IM [format-im]
IMT (read only) [format-imt]
IPTC/NAA (read only) [format-iptc]
JPEG [format-jpeg]
MCIDAS (read only) [format-mcidas]
MIC (read only) [format-mic]
MPEG (identify only) [format-mpeg]
MSP [format-msp]
PALM (write only) [format-palm]
PCD (read only) [format-pcd]
PCX [format-pcx]
PDF (write only) [format-pdf]
PIXAR (read only) [format-pixar]
PNG [format-png]
PPM [format-ppm]
PSD (read only) [format-psd]
C. Image File Formats [formats]
SGI (read only) [format-sgi]
SPIDER [format-spider]
TGA (read only) [format-tga]
TIFF [format-tiff]
WAL (read only) [format-wal]
WMF (identify only) [format-wmf]
XBM [format-xbm]
XPM (read only) [format-xpm]
XV Thumbnails [format-xvthumb]


The Image Module [image]
The ImageChops Module [imagechops]
The ImageColor Module [imagecolor]
The ImageCrackCode Module (PIL Plus) [imagecrackcode]
The ImageDraw Module [imagedraw]
The ImageEnhance Module [imageenhance]
The ImageFile Module [imagefile]
The ImageFileIO Module [imagefileio]
The ImageFilter Module [imagefilter]
The ImageFont Module [imagefont]
The ImageGL Module [imagegl]
The ImageGrab Module [imagegrab]
The ImageMath Module [imagemath]
The ImageOps Module [imageops]
The ImagePalette Module [imagepalette]
The ImagePath Module [imagepath]
The ImageQt Module [imageqt]
The ImageSequence Module [imagesequence]
The ImageStat Module [imagestat]
The ImageTk Module [imagetk]
The ImageWin Module [imagewin]
Tutorial [introduction]


A. Software License [license]


Python Imaging Library Overview [overview]


The pilconvert Utility [pilconvert]
The pildriver Utility [pildriver]
The pilfile Utility [pilfile]
The pilfont Utility [pilfont]
The pilprint Utility [pilprint]
The PSDraw Module [psdraw]


B. Getting Support [support]